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Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose and treat a range of hip problems. During this procedure, small incisions are strategically made around the hip and a flexible tube with a camera (called an arthroscope) is inserted to assess the hip joint. Other surgical tools may also be inserted to repair any damage present.

Benefits of Hip Arthroscopy

Doctors can use hip arthroscopy or open hip surgery, depending on the patient’s hip condition and overall health. Some reasons hip arthroscopy is preferred include:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Less trauma to surrounding muscles and tissues
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Reduced scarring

With over 30 years’ experience, Dr Yung is skilled in arthroscopy for a wide range of hip conditions.

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What Can Hip Arthroscopy Treat?

Besides being a diagnostic procedure, it can also treat a wide range of hip problems. Your doctor may recommend a hip arthroscopy as a treatment if you have not responded well to non-surgical treatment.

A hip arthroscopy may be a suitable treatment for:

  • Femoracetabular impingement (FAI) – Also known as hip impingement, FAI occurs when the ball-and-socket joint of the hip are not functioning properly, causing pain and limiting hip movement. Hip arthroscopy can be performed to repair or remove damaged tissue from the hip joint.
  • Hip labral tears – These are caused from injury or wear and tear. The tearing occurs in the labrum (cartilage lining the hip socket). Hip arthroscopy repairs the torn and damaged labrum.
  • Synovitis – This refers to inflammation in the synovial lining (protective tissue) of the hip joint. During hip arthroscopy, the inflamed tissue is removed.
  • Bone spurs – When a person starts to develop osteoarthritis in the hip, their hip joint starts to get stiff and the cartilage in the joint starts to weaken, resulting in bone spurs to form. Hip arthroscopy can be used to remove these bone spurs.

What are the Risks of a Hip Arthroscopy?

While hip arthroscopy is a generally safe and well-established procedure, as with all surgical procedures, there are still some risks involved. This may include infection, blood clot formation, and potential injury to the nerves and blood vessels near the hip joint. However, in the hands of an experienced orthopaedic surgeon, the risks will be kept to a minimum.

If you have been experiencing pain or limited mobility in your hip, seek prompt treatment for a more effective and speedy recovery.

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